London 2012 Planner

  • Lesson One

    Introduction to report.
    Mrs Mallory went through requirement, reference list and setting up report style
  • Period: to

    London 2012 Planner

  • Lesson Two

    Complete section 2.0 Flights and found suitable flights, place in a table and chose best options.
  • Lesson Three

    Complete 3.0 Passports and begin 4.0 Travel advice for Australian Citizen
  • Lesson Four

    Finalise 4.0 Travel advice for Australian Citizen from information Travel Smart website.
  • Lesson Five

    Completed 5.0 Accommodation with Mrs Malory.
  • Lesson Six

    Completed 6.0 Olympic Games Schedule and begin 7.0 Journey Planner. Went through referecing and bibliography with Mrs Malory
  • Lesson Seven

    Completed 7.0 Journey Planner, 8.0 Cash Passport Debit Card, 9.0 Further information and begin 10.0 Recommendation
  • Lesson Eight

    Completed Appenices and Finalised Assignment.