• The Articles of Conferation is approved

    After much debate,the Continental Congress approved The Articles of Confederation in hopes to creat a strong central goverment.
  • Weakening Economy

    After the our victory in the revolution the economy started bad as we did not have currency and could not understand the different worths of different state money
  • Farmer's Revolt

    With America suffering an economic depression Daniel Shays led a rebellion and proved the Articles of Confederation did not work.
  • Northwest Ordinance

    Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance and set up a goverment in the Northwest Territory
  • The Constitutional Convention

    Delegates from each state except Rhode Island met in Philadelphia to revise the articles of Confederation. Many heroes of the revolution including Benjamine Franklin attended the meeting.
  • The Great Compromise

    After tensions flaring Roger Sherman of Connecticut worked out a compromise between the two plans
  • Three Fifths Compromise

    The North and South had disagreements had disagreements about whether slaves shuld be called citizens or not. Now only three fifths of the slve population are called citizens
  • A New Union

    The Constitution was finally written and a new union was born
  • Two Rival Plans

    Some people wanted a strong national goverment while others feared it would give the goverment more power than the people
  • What We are Based On

    Our goverment wanted the nation to be like the roman empire in it's glory days and also used the british magna carta as an example of rights
  • Federalist vs Antifederalist

    Federalist wanted the constitution while antifederalist thought the president would behave like a king. To meet these ends the Bill of Rights was added to the constitution