(LN) Hostage by Willo Davis Roberts, fiction, 170 pages

  • Chp. 1- 5, Pgs, 1- 46

    These first few chapters were about how Kaci and her family wanted to move. The move was very stressful because Kaci's father was never around to help because he was always working at a high school. Another reason was that Kaci's brother named Jeff was watching a neighbors house while they were on vacation, but it got broken into by some burglars in the middle of the night. Pages 1-46; total (830)
  • Chp 6- 10, Pgs 47- 102

    These chapters were about how Kaci and her fsmily were trying to move in to their new housenas soon as they could because they were scared of the robbery at their neighbor's house. They finally got to move into the new house in the fall. As they were moving in, Kaci noticed that her new neighor, Mrs.Gate, kept talking with her mom about the new house. Mrs. Gate wouldn't leave Kaci's mom alone. Pages 47- 102; total (885)
  • Chp 11- 16 Pgs. 103- 140

    Kaci went home one day during school to get her medicine to find that her house was being robbed. The robbers took Kaci as they left her house. Her family called the police as soon as they could. One week later a cop pulled over a moving truck for speeding. The driver freaked out and drove off when the cop got out of the car. The cop followed the truck to a field where a man jumped out of the truck and ran away. The cop followed the man and tracked him down. Inside the truck was Kaci. (923)