Life of Pi,Yann Martel,pages-319

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  • Life of Pi pages 1-16

    Life of Pi pages 1-16
    In the first chapters its telling of the hard times Pi had in school, and how he slowely progressed to being the best in his zooology class. Then he talks about what life is like when your family owns their own zoo.
  • Pages 16-20

    Pages 16-20
    Pi talks about how he moves up from junior high to hight school. When he enters highschool, on the first day, he makes sure that everyone gets his name right. In junior high he was called Pissing because everyone miss pronounced his name. So he wrote on the board of every class as Pi and just to make it clear he put the pie sing or 3.14.
  • pages 20-39

    pages 20-39
    One morning Pi's father wakes him and his brother up and takse them to the bangle tiger before the zoo was open. to show them not to pet or treat the tiger like a pet his father feeds the tiger a goat in front of them. then he takes them on a "field trip" around the zoo and shows how danderous all of the animals are.