Life events of Singer/Songwriter Hannah Rae Beale (Photo from Hannah Rae Beales Facebook)

By gknaus
  • Hannah Rae Beale Born

    Hannah is born on December 21, 1992 at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was born to parents, Chuck and Abby Beale.
  • Family sells business

    Beale's family decides to sell their Grand Rapids Business, Abby Excavation, when Hannah is in the third grade. The family travled the country for the next two years.
  • Beale family settles in Frankfort

    Beale family settles in Frankfort
    By the 5th grade, Hannah and her family finsished traveling and settled in Frankfort, Michigan. Hannah evnetually gradutated from Frankfort High School, where her singing career began.
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  • Hannah begins playing guitar

    Hannah begins playing guitar
    As a 7th grader, Hannah picked up a two string guitar and began learning to play. Her guitar abilities added to her vocals. She began on a two string and later would move up to a four string.
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  • Beggining of career and original music

    Hannah begins recording her own original music at the age of 15. She began as a solo artist.
  • Wins Battle of the bands

    Beale wins the Manistee County Battle of the Bands at age 17. She won as a solo artist against at least 12 other bands and her name started to surface.
  • First Single launched

    Hannah's first single, "Aint Nobody" which was co-produced with Ethan Keller, debutes on 88 nine radio in Milwaukee and recieves national attenetion.
  • Beale tours with Ethan Keller

    Beale tours with Ethan Keller
    After peviously meeting and producing music with talented Wisconsin artist, Ethan Keller, the two Co-headline a summer music tour. They would travel much of the midwest and east coast and drew bigger crowds than they had seen before, the largest being around 5,000 people.
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  • Beale begins in Worship team at His House

    Beale begins in Worship team at His House
    Hannah begins singing with worship teams at Central Michigan's His House Christian Fellowship. After she began, she met future band members A.J Westendorp, Matt Williams and Tommy Zylka. She continues to sing at the church still today.
    (Photo Courtesy of Hannah's facebook)
  • Hannah Rae Beale Band forms

    Beale teams up with fellow Central Students A.J Westendorp, Inga Dietlin, Matt Williams and Tommy Zylka to form the Hannah Rae Beale Band.
  • Hannah Rae Beale Band releases first tracks

    Hannah Rae Beale Band releases first tracks
    The Hannah Rae Beale Band releases their first three tracks through CMU's Moore Media Records. The tracks were a part of Moore's media compilation CD, called "The Local Spectrum" among other Central artists.
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  • Beale Leaves for L.A

    Hannah will leave for L.A to begin working with music professionals and seek a possible record deal as a solo artist. Her dream would be to be signed by Interscope records.