Lesson 1.2: War in the Pacific and in Europe

Timeline created by Gabe Willis
In History
  • Battle of Crete - May 1941

    The first action in which paratroopers were dropped in large numbers.
  • Battle of Brody - June 1941

    Blitzkreig ultimately dominated the russians although they fought hard in this battle.
  • Battle of Anzio - January to June 1944

    Long battle in Italy, took more than 100,000 reinforcements and many months of fighting to make it out of Anzio.
  • Battle of Monte Cassino - January to May 1944

    Destruction of the Monte Cassino which was believed to have troops inside of it and not the civilians which were inside.
  • Battle of Iwo Jima - February to March 1945

    Around twenty thousand Japanese fighters stood their ground in the fight of Iwo Jima which took many days for the American's to win.
  • Battle of the Bulge - December 1944 to January 1945

    The allies broke out of Normandy and Germans went on the offensive but soon ran out of resources.