Lego Logo Timeline

Timeline created by munrolg
  • Logo #1

  • Logo #1

    Logo #1
    This was the first logo put on shipping labels and other printed materials, but not on the toys.
  • Logo #2

    Logo #2
    This is the second ink logo to be put on toys. The toys were all wooden at this time.
  • Logo #3

    Logo #3
    This first logo was made to look wooden like the wood toys they made. This logo was actually shown on the toys. It was the second logo shown on toys.
  • Logos #4

    Logos #4
    In this year, all three of these logos were being used. This shows how not unified/official the LEGO company was at this time.
  • Logo #5

    Logo #5
    This logo appeared in magazines and catalogs in late 1954. It was LEGOs first oval logo.
  • Logo #6

    Logo #6
    This logo randomly appeared in this year. The original is hand drawn on different packages and toys.
  • Logo #7

    Logo #7
    This is LEGO's german logo during this year. The words are bricky and it shows the LEGO colors. At this time, there were only 140 employees in Billund.
  • Logo #8

    Logo #8
    This logo was used for 13 years. It was the first square logo LEGO used.
  • Logo #9

    Logo #9
    This is a variation of the 1960 logo. It includes a side bar of colors This is a trademark symbol along with the LEGO name.
  • Logo #10

    Logo #10
    This logo was made when production in the USA was started. LEGO was trying to standardize their logo. Was also created to look more blocky.
  • Logo #11

    Logo #11
    This is LEGO's current logo. It was given 'graphic tightening' since the old logo. This new logo has brighter colors and a larger shape.