Land Transportation Evolving Through Time

  • Ford Model T

    Ford Model T
    Model TIt was the first car for ford to have 200,000 sold. This set ford into one of the best car companies in america.
  • Model J Ford

    Model J Ford
    Model JThe Model J Ford was not a popular car. It only had three made after a few years. By now the car is one of the most known antique cars in america
  • Electric Starter

    Electric Starter
    Electric StarterIt was the first car to ever have an electric starter.
  • Model A Ford

    Model A Ford
    [Model A]( It was the first car to have a spedometer. The model A was also Ford's first car.
  • The Packard

    The Packard
    PackardThe Packard was the first car to have factory built-in air conditioning.
  • The Maglev

    The Maglev
    [Maglev info]( Maglev was the first hovering train. The amazing thing is its faster than the other trains that were already invented!
  • Suziki ATV

    Suziki ATV
    ATVThe suziki is the first four wheeled ATV. That seems like something that would change the world pretty fast.
  • The Navigator

    The Navigator
    NavigatorThe navigator's name tells it all, it was the first car to have a built in navigation system.
  • Prius Hybrid

    Prius Hybrid
    Prius It was the first car to hhave a built in parking assist system. that is something you can find in almost every car today.
  • The car takes flight

    The car takes flight
    flying carIt was the first car that could fly around in the sky and just get you to work. The flying car is amazingly street legal and has changed the world.