LAC+USC, Parsons and Lee Andrews Group

By alcova
  • Equipment Replacement Project Group (ERPG) Created

    ERPG was created for the procurement, movement and control and accounting functions for the equipement purchased for the new LAC+USC facility. ERPG consisted of LAC+USC staff and managers and 4 non-County employees. DPW entered into an as-needed basis contract with Parsons, who then sub-contracted with Lee Andrews Group, Inc. to supply the 4 non-County employees. Due to spacing limitations, ERPG staff were separated into two groups and placed in separate buildings.
  • Ms. Kemp begins working at LAC+USC, supervised by Ms. Braxton, Staff Assistant I

    From 2/4/2008 to 12/15/2008, Ms. Braxton supervised Ms. Kemp. If Ms. Braxton was unavilable then either Ms. Nagaoka or Mr. Miranda could approve Ms. Kemp's timecards. During this time Ms. Kemp completed her assignments in a timely manner and her productivity was equal to the other Invoice Processing Clerks.
  • Mr. Miranda informed he will begin supervising Ms. Kemp on 12/15/2008

    Ms. Braxton concurred that Mr. Miranda was informed, by Ms. Nagaoka, at the 12/11/2008 meeting, that he would begin superivsing Ms. Kemp on 12/15/2008. However, Mr. Miranda does not recall being told of this responsibility. Mr. Miranda believed Ms. Nagaoka would supervise Ms. Kemp.
  • Mr. Miranda realized Ms. Kemp was not being directly supervised

    After the 12/11/08 meeting, Mr. Miranda thought Ms. Nagaoka was supervising Ms. Kemp since they were working in the Interns and Residents Dorms (IRD) together. But on 5/13/2009, he discovered Ms. Nagaoka had not been working in the IRD since early 2/2009. Mr. Miranda asked Ms. Kemp who was approving her time cards, and she said Rosa Saca, Interim director of Public Relations and General Education Nursing was approving them. Ms. Saca said she never supervised Ms. Kemp and A&CD verified.
  • Mr. Miranda reviewed Ms. Kemp's Timecards

    Mr. Miranda asked Ms. David-Park at Lee Andrews Group for Ms. Kemp's timecards from the prior six months to review. When he reviewed Ms. Kemp's time cards, Ms. Saca's name did not appear on any of the timcards. However, Mr. Miranda's signature was forged on several of the timecards. Although Ms. Kemp maintained a work productivtity schedule, it is difficult to verify the actual time she worked because the work entails troubleshooting which can be time consuming and difficult to quantify.
  • Ms. Nagaoka became aware of the timecard fraud allegations from Mr. Miranda

    Upon discovery of the fraud allegations from Mr. Miranda, Ms. Nagaoka contacted Katherine David-Park, Director of Finance and Human Resources at Lee Andrews Group, Inc and discussd the preliminary findings and requested that Ms. Kemp's service with the County be terminated.
  • A&CD reviewed Ms. Kemp's Timecards from 2/4/2008 to 5/18/2009

    Ms. Nagaoka approved the 9 timcards bearing her signature, except for the timecard dated 1/27/2009. Ms. Braxton verified her signature on the timecards with the exeption of the 7 timecards dated after her transfer: 12/8/08, 12/18/2008, 12/30/08, 1/2/09, 1/9/09, 1/30/09, and 2/12/09. Mr. Miranda verified his signature on the timecards, with the exception of 11 time cards dated after his transfer: 2/25/09, 3/2/09, 3/13/09, 3/24/09, 3/30/09, 4/6/09, 4/14/09, 4/17/09, 4/24/09, 5/1/09, and 5/8/09.
  • Ms. Kemps last date of service at LAC+USC

    Her employment was also terminated with the contractor.
  • DPW paid Parsons for Services from 12/08 to 4/09

    Payment was based on the signed timecards that were provided to support the invoices, including 17 of th 19 identified faudulent timecards. The County has not been invoiced for Ms. Kemp's May 2009 timecards. From 12/2008 to April 2009, only 61 of the 669.5 hours paid to the contractor were based on valid approved timecards; thus, only $4,031.49 of the $44,849.19 were valid charges.