By labor
  • National Labor Union

    National labor union was formed by iron worker William H Sylvis. The NLU organizers were worked mostly on linking existing local unions.
  • Knights of Labor

    The knights of labor was created by Uriah Stevens. They were a group that supported eight hour work days and advocated equal pay for equal work. Membership was open to all workers.
  • Rockefeller and the "Robber Barons"

    Rockefeller owned an oil company and to make millions he payed his employers low but put the price of oil high so he got rich from doing that
  • Andrew Carnegie

    This was the day Caenegie entered the steel business. He than went on to making his own steel business "Carnegie Steel". His success was due to management practises that became wide spread through the industry. He controled the steel business by vertical intergration, a proccess where he bought his suppliers and he also used horizontal intergration.
  • Period: to

    Mary Harris Jones

    She was a woman that supported the Great Strike of 1877 and she than went on to organize the United Mine Workers of America. In 1903 she exposed the cruilties of child labor on a march to the home of Teddy Roosevelt.
  • The Great Strike 1877

    Workers of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad began a strike to protest their second wage cut in 2 months. This cost the stoppage of work and passanger traffic, covering over 50 thousand miles. President Rutherford sent federal troops to end the strike.
  • The Haymarket Affair

    3,000 people gathered at Chicago Haymarket square to protest police brutality. Someone tossed a bomb into a police line than, the police fired at the workers seven police officers and workers died. 3 speakers and 5 other radiculs recharged within insiting a riot all were convicted.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    This act made it illegal to form any trust that interfered with free trade between the states or other countries. Companies were able to find loop wholes if accused of the esherman antitrusst act because it did not clearly specify the word "trust".