Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by Joe.
  • Gunshots KR

    The first gunshots of the Taliban erupt in Amir's town marking the beginning of what made "Afghanistan to change forever"(Hosseini 34). This impacts Amir throughout the book and soon causes him to flee and leave his war-torn village. The Taliban war would also kill many of his friends and those who were spared would soon live in poverty or flee the country.
  • Rape KR

    Amir sees Hassan get raped by Assef in an ally and chooses to do nothing believing Hassan was "the lamb he had to slay to win Baba"(Hosseini 77). This will haunt Amir for the rest of his life and change the dynamic between him and Hassan. Amir will try to make amends later because of the guilt he felt for what he did.
  • Framing KR

    Amir tries to frame Hassan by putting his gifts in his room and tell "one last in a long line of shameful lies" (Hosseini 104), Amir was surprised when Hassan would take the blame for it and this would haunt him for the rest of his childhood.
  • Hassan Leaves KR

    Ali and Hassan leave as Baba's servents because of Amir framing them by putting his stuff under Hassan's mattress. We also find out Baba who rarely shows emotion cries and to Amir, it scared him "to see a grown man sob"(Hossini 107). This shows how much Baba cared for Ali and Hassan and saw them as friends and not servants similar to Hassan and Amir's friendship.
  • Reinforcements

    The aid of the Soviet Union begins to arrive as "the first soviet troops parachuted into Kabal" in order to reinforce the new government, backed by the Soviet Union which claims it was "it came in response to a plea for help from a legitimately constituted Kabal government"(New York Times).
  • Fleeing KR

    Amir and Baba flee Afganistan due to the recent war. Their plan is to make it "170 kilometers southwest of Kabal"(Hosseini 111) by paying smugglers to take them there. From there they make it to America where a new chapter of there lives starts leaving there war-torn country of Afganistan.
  • Marriage KR

    Amir and Soraya marry and Baba spends "35000$ nearly the balance of his life savings"(Hosseini 169) on it. This means Baba cared a lot for his son to marry and also shows how he wanted Amir to be happy and he shows compassion for him, something he rarely did in Afghanistan.
  • Death KR

    Baba dies after losing his battle to cancer. At the funeral, Amir finds out the selfless life he led and all the things he did for people like "found me a job" and "no one else to turn to and he lent me"(Hosseini 174). This shows AMir what an impact Baba made on these people and realizes he needs to live up to that expectation as well.
  • Infertile KR

    After a medical test, it is revealed that Soraya is infertile which causes Amir to wonder is "it was my punishment"(Hosseini 188), which shows how he still feels remorse for what he did to Hassan all those years ago and thinks he deserves every misfortune that comes his way as atonement for his sins.
  • Airforce

    The Soviet air force is rendered obsolete against the rebels after "Stinger anti-aircraft missiles supplied by the united states"(The New York Times) were given to them giving the rebels a very large advantage over the war. due to there lack of aircraft.
  • Hassan KR

    Rahim finds a fully grown Hassan in Hazarjat with a light-skinned Hazara woman (Hossini 205), named Farzana. Rahim Kahn brings them back to Kabal to live in Baba's house which Hassan refuses to and lives in the guesthouse instead, showing his undying loyalty to Baba.
  • Rebellion

    Leader Mullah Omar had gained over 12000 followers and was conquering more and more land and resources from warlords with "his promise of restoring the centrality of Isalm to daily life"(New York Times).
  • Control

    The Taliban take control of Afganistan enforcing strict Islamic rules and practices such as forcing women to wear into "all-enveloping burqa clothing" and "forcing women out of schools"(New York Times).
  • Massacre KR

    After a series of strict rules, the Taliban "massacred the Hazaras in Mazar-i-Sharif"(Hosseini 213), showing the racial divide between Pashtuns and Hazaras and how severe the situation has gotten with the Taliban.
  • Invasion

    The United States invades Afghanistan starting a long military conflict against the Taliban to deny Al Qaeda a base of operations "when they seized control of the area in 1996 after years of civil war" (New York Times).
  • Opium operation

    The Taliban "extends its influence in the southern part of Afghanistan"(New York Times) as part of its recovery in its recent defeats it also began to take hold of the opium trade bringing in more income for much-needed supplies.
  • Rahim Kahn KR

    Amir leaves to go visit Rahim Kahn who is very sick and will probably not see the end of this winter(Hossini 201). In search of answers about Hassan Amir travels to Pakistan to visit Rahim Kahn. And to see how Afghanistan is doing and what happened to his childhood acquaintances.
  • Search KR

    Amir sets out to find Hassan's son Sohrab. Along the way, he sees his war-torn town of "windowless buildings" and "jagged stumps of brick and stone"(Hosseini 246), which shows how the Taliban have destroyed Amir's town and part of his childhood.
  • Escape KR

    In an attempt to save Sohrab Amir fights Assef who eventually falls to not Amir but Sohrab who "pointed the slingshot at assefs face"(Hossini 282), Assef falls to the ground shrieking in pain as Amir and Sohrab are able to make a quick getaway.
  • Suicide KR

    Sohrab attempts to kill himself by cutting his wrists with a razor blade. This made Amir "scream through" his "wired jaw" (Hosseini 343), which shows how much Sohrab did not want to go back tot he orphanage and how much Amri cared for him.
  • Ending KR

    Amir adopts Hassan's, son Sohrab in as his own as the book ends with Amir uttering Hassans famous words "For you, a thousand times over"(Hosseini 371), showing how Amir sees Sohrab as his atonement for Hassan and reflecting their friendship between his and Sohrab's.
  • Hunt for Osama Bin Ladin

    George W Bush demanded the Taliban give Osama Bin Ladin up after investigating his involvement in the September 11th attacks. The deal was refused and so began the invasion of Afghanistan for him backed by smaller tribes that disagreed with the Taliban creating the northern alliance. This drove "the Taliban out of the major Afghan cities by the end of the year"(New York Times).
  • Military movment

    President Barack Obama begins "drawing troops out of Iraq" and putting them into Afghanistan by "almost 50000" (New York Times), greatly increasing the number serving in Afganistan.
  • Speech

    Obama gives a speech about his new plan to "deploy 30,000 additional troops"(New York Times) to Afganistan even after years of bloody conflict as the Americans feel determined to win this war.
  • Withdrawl

    President Obama plans to begin making plans to be withdrawing forces from Afghanistan but not "until at least the end of 2014" (New York Times), to provide security and stability to the Afgan government.
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