Korean war cover

Korean War

  • 38th Parallel

    38th Parallel
    By mutual agreement at the Potsdam Conference, the United States and Soviet Union plan to occupy Korea following the defeat of Japan. Soviet troops will occupy the northern part and the United States will take the southern part
  • Iron Curtin Speech

    Iron Curtin Speech
    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives his famous "Iron Curtain" speech at a college graduation in Fulton, Missouri.
  • North Korea invades South Korea

    North Korea invades South Korea
    North Korea launched a full scale attack on South Korea and advanced southward.
  • The US comes to aid South Korea

    President Truman decides to help South Korea and orders support from the air and sea forces. This also put a draft into effect.
  • US fights in the war

    US fights in the war
    The US fights North Korea for the fist time. Their goal was to delay their advancement, they did it for only a short time until the US retreated.
  • Crossing the 38th parallel

    Crossing the 38th parallel
    President Harry Truman gives the okay to General MacArthur to go after North Korean troops, even if it means crossing the 38th Parallel.
  • Chinese soldiers joins the fight

    Chinese soldiers joins the fight
    More than 100,000 Chinese soldiers secretly arrive in North Korea and pushed the US and UN back to North Korea.
  • China joins

    China joins
    China officially enters the war and places men where US and UN forces are overwhelming North Korean forces.
  • Operation Ripper

    Operation Ripper
    The operation was intended to destroy as much as possible of the Chinese communist People's Volunteer Army and North Korean military around Seoul
  • Bloody Ridge

    Bloody Ridge
    North Korean forces engage in a battle against United Nations, Philippine, Republic of Korea, and US forces in the Battle of Bloody Ridge.
  • Heartbreak Ridge

    Heartbreak Ridge
    South Korean, the French, American, and Philippine troops fight in a battle known as the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge against Chinese and North Korean forces. There were a combined 28,000 deaths.
  • Hill Eerie

    During the Battle of Hill Eerie Filipino and American soldiers fought side by side with American troops against the Chinese.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Pork Chop Hill

    The Battle of Pork Chop Hill took place. During this battle control over Pork Chop Hill was switched many times.
  • Kumsong

    The last battle leading towards an agreement between all sides. The Battle of Kumsong happened during negotiations between North Korean and the United Nations. After this battle the Chinese were very weak.
  • End to the war

    The Korean Armistice Agreement officially ends the Korean War.