Korea flag

Korean History by Olivia and Meredith

  • 227

    King Tongchon

    King Tongchon
    King Tongchon ruled Korea during this period. This leader made firm rules for the country.
  • 400


    Korean farmers about this time brought rice to Japan. This opened availability to trade between these two places.
  • 400


    At this time, the Iron Age began. This also helped in the evolution of the country.
  • Nov 4, 1329


    In Korea a foundry was used to print books with metal type. This also helped for important things that needed to be saved.
  • Korean Peninsula

    Korean Peninsula
    Japan colonized the Korean Peninsula. This event caused tendency for Korea to start a good population.
  • Republic of Korea

    Republic of Korea
    At this time Korea became known as the Republic of Korea (ROK) under American Occupation. North and South Korea were
    joining together to help the evolution of these countries.
  • Invasion of South Korea

    Invasion of South Korea
    North Korea invades South Korea. The United Nations sends a multinational force to aid the South. After heavy fighting, a truce is declared.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The war ends when a truce is signed by a representative of the US-backed UN forces, and a representative of North Korea and allied Chinese forces. South Korea was not a signatory.
  • Shilla Dynasty

    Shilla Dynasty
    The Shilla Dynasty began in southeastern Korea and grew to become a top-heavy feudal system that covered most of South Korea for almost 900 years.
  • Bronze

    This was the beginning of the Bronze Age in Korea. This helped the evolution of this country grow and become stronger.