Kite Runner and The History of Afghanistan

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  • Afghan Communist Party is Secretly Formed, Partially Due to Soviet Influence

    Afghan Communist Party is Secretly Formed, Partially Due to Soviet Influence
  • Mohammed Daoud Khan Overthrows the Last King With the Help of a Military Coup

  • Amir is Thinking Back to the First Fighting in Afghanistan

    Amir has a quick recollection of the first night he heard the rapid gunfire of war, in 1973, "the night Zahir Shah's cousin overthrew him"(365). This realization of how long the country had been at a somewhat unrest was quite surprising for Amir. He didn't realize how long it had been since there had been absolute peace and solidarity.
  • Amir Has a Flashback of the Day That Hassan's Lip Was Fixed

    Hassan has a memory of huddling around Hassan's surgery bed in the hospital. He soon realizes, "everyone in that room was either dead or dying"(219). This realization that he is about to lose everyone from his childhood memories seems to not sway his emotions at all. It's almost like he has gotten used to people he loves dying, drained of energy and soul required to mourn.
  • Newly Empowered Democratic Leader, President Khan, Proposes a new Constitution

    Newly Empowered Democratic Leader, President Khan, Proposes a new Constitution
    This includes womens rights and moderation of the communist state.
  • Amir has fled from Afghanistan. He Has a Memory of Hassan and His Sacrifice a Few Years Ago. .

    Amir is having a flashback in the latter part of his teenage life. He is currently living in San Francisco, having already fled Afghanistan. Amir thinks to himself about how Hassan said, "For you, a thousand times over" (2). Rahim Khan is talking on the phone with Amir and says, "There is a way to be good again"(2). This foreshadows events to come in the book. (The date is that of the flashback. The certain time wasn't specified)
  • Amir is Fleeing Afghanistan in a People Smuggler's Truck

    Amir is Fleeing Afghanistan in a People Smuggler's Truck
    Due to the large military presence of the Soviets and the increase in fighting, Amir, his dad and Rahim Khan are forced to flee to relatively safe Pakistan. When thinking about how they left their house, not informing their servant of their departure, Amir thinks to himself, "You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul anymore"(112). He then goes on to give multiple examples of close friendly people who would rat each other out.
  • A Total of 4.3 or More Million Afghans Have Fled the Country

    Due to the breakout of war in Afghanistan, millions are forced to leave there country, leaving their life and wealth behind.
  • Amir and His Father Have Settled in Fremont, California.

    Amir and Baba have reached America and now live in Fremont. Amir attends highschool and Baba works all day at a local gas station. Amir refers to America as, "a place to bury [his] memories. For Baba, a place to mourn"(129). Amir was ready for his new life, putting his past behind him and setting his eyes on the horizon. Baba, however, had lost all of his wealth and power. Everything he had worked so hard for in Afghanistan was gone. He had also lost his Servant and life long friend. 1983 Spring
  • Amir Graduates From High School at Age 20

    Amir finally receives his American High School Diploma. Baba is at the graduation and shows some pride in what his son has accomplished, saying, "I am moftakhir, Amir" (131). Although Baba has become more accepting of Amir as a person throughout their time together in America, this is still a major accomplishment for Amir. Not only has he graduated high school, but he also has gotten his father's acceptance.
  • Osama Bin Laden Makes First Documented Trip to Afghanistan to Help the Soviets

    He claims to have come just as the Soviets invaded but this is when he was proven to reside there
  • Hassan's Mother Dies, 4 Years After His Son Is Born

    Hassan's mother, Sanaubar, had returned to him about 5 years prior to her death. While she lived with him, Rahim Khan and Hassan's wife, she formed a strong bond with Hassan's son, Sohrab. When she died it was, "even harder on little Sanaubar" (211), than Hassan himself. It seemed quite important that she came back to make up for her leaving of Hassan when she was a child. She was still able to make a beneficial impact on him, even though she was old and had been gone for so long.
  • 4 Year Long Drought Starts, Causing Many More to Flee Afghanistan

    1 million flee to neighboring Pakistan over the next 4 years, do to a long series of droughts. These droughts made living in rural areas nearly impossible.
  • Rahim Khan Summons Amir to Pakistan to Talk With Him Before he Passes Away

    Rahim Khan calls Amir on the phone while he's living in SF with his wife Soraya. Rahim is sick, his dying wish is to talk to him. Amir also thinks about how Rahim says, "Come. There is a way to be good again" (192). This foreshadows the events to come with Amir finally repaying his debt to Hassan's sacrifice. It also shows that Rahim Khan has had some type of contact with Hassan if he knows that Amir did something bad.
  • Rahim Khan Tells Amir Many Important Things he Missed While in America

    Rahim Khan has a lot to catch Amir up on. Many things have happened while him and his father were in America. Khan tells Amir of the terrible conditions in Kabul, how it is essentially rubble now. He goes on to talk about Hassan, breaking Amir some horrible news, "Hassan protested... So they took him to the street"(219). This realization that Hassan was dead, that there was no apologizing or atonement towards Hassan himself broke Amir.
  • Amir Takes Soraya, Sohrab and His Parents In Law to an Afghan Gathering.

    Amir and his family in law go to Golden Gate Park to meet up with there fellow Afghans. It's a rainy cold and windy day, Amir decides to buy a kite. He then asks if Sohrab would like to fly it and reluctantly, "lifted [his hand] from his pocket. Hesitated. Took the String"(369). This interaction was huge for Amir. It was the first time he had gotten a reaction from Sohrab since he tried to kill himself.