Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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  • KR: Baba's Orphanage

    When Amir was around the age of 5 or 6, "Baba decided to build an orphanage" (Hosseini 13). Baba decides to do this, to try to atone for hiding the fact that he is Hassan's true father. Baba deals with guilt over not telling the truth, and he believes that creating something helpful to society will partially make amends for him being untruthful to his loved ones.
  • KR: Hassan's Gift

    For Hassan's birthday, Baba gifts him "a present that will last [him] forever" (Hosseini 46). Baba gives Hassan a surgery to fix his cleft lip. From this, it is clear that Baba cares about Hassan very much, and wants him to lead a good life. It is not typical for the owner of the servant to give their servant something so generous, therefore this shows how much Baba treasures Hassan. This is foreshadowing to the fact that Hassan and Baba are related.
  • Khan's new constitution and strictness

    President Khan, the leader of Afghanistan, proposes a new constitution that, "grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. He also cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting Khan out of the government."
  • KR: Amir's Betrayal

    Amir finds Hassan in an alley getting raped, and he debates standing up for Hassan, and, "In the end, [he] ran", because he wants to please his father with the victory (Hosseini 77). This shows how confused Amir's priorities are because of his bad relationship with his father. Even though Hassan has been nothing but loyal to him, his desire for affection from his father discards of this fact. Overall, Amir's greatest desire is to please his father, no matter what it takes.
  • KR: Amir's Request

    One day, when Amir and Baba are gardening together, Amir asks Baba about getting new servants, and Baba responds by saying, "Hassan's not going anywhere, . . . This is his home and we're his family. Don't you ever ask me that question again!" (Hosseini 90). Baba reacts this way, because he is Hassan's true father. Even though Baba's paternity to Hassan is a secret, he still demonstrates the primal bond that a parent has with it's offspring.
  • KR: Amir's Second Betrayal

    Amir wanted to get rid of Hassan, so he "lifted Hassan's mattress and planted [his] new watch and a handful of Afghani bills under it" (Hosseini 104). He did this because he cannot stand seeing Hassan, and he is jealous of the attention Hassan receives from Baba. Amir is overcome with guilt, and the desire to please his father.The strong emotions he feels, distort his ability to see wrong from right, and they cause him to do this.
  • Shiny New President

    Khan is killed, and "Nur Mohammad Taraki, one of the founding members of the Afghan Communist Party, takes control of the country as president".
  • KR: Baba's Upstanding

    After arriving to the security checkpoint at Mahipar on the journey to America, the Russian guard attempts to take a woman off the truck to assault her, and Baba says, "I'll take a thousand bullets before this indecency takes place" (Hosseini 116). Although Baba could have gotten killed by the guard, he was willing to do so for the honor of a woman he did not even know. This demonstrates Baba's bravery and good character, but also how greatly Afghans value honor.
  • Fleeting Afghans

    War was tough for citizens of Afghanistan, causing, "2.8 million Afghans [to flee] from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million [to flee] to Iran".
  • KR: Baba's Grocery Store Outrage

    One day, when Baba is at a grocery store, and the clerk asks for his ID, he exclaims, "What kind of country is this? No one trusts anybody!"' (Hosseini 128). Baba struggles with accepting and adjusting to life in America. He is very used to being highly respected, and having trust in Afghanistan. Also, he is having trouble with the power-shift after moving to America, since he is no longer at the top of the socioeconomic pyramid.
  • Bin Laden's Debut

    Osama bin Laden goes on a trip, and, "makes his first documented trip to Afghanistan to aid anti-Soviet fighters".
  • KR: Baba Reads Amir's Stories

    Right before Baba passes away, Amir finds Soraya reading Baba his stories, and Baba says,"I put [Soraya] up to it. I hope you don't mind'" (Hosseini 172). This is Baba's way of atoning for not being a great parent for Amir as a child, and for lying to everyone about him being Hassan's father. Baba finally accepts Amir's passion for writing, and he feels like he needs to atone, because he will die soon.
  • KR: America

    After Baba and Amir move to America, Amir says, "For me, America was a place to bury my memories" (Hosseini 129). Amir sees moving to America as an opportunity to try and forget about Hassan's rape that he watched. He has a large amount of guilt over the situation, and it is something that haunts him every day.
  • KR: The Big Wedding

    Since Baba and Soraya are getting married, Baba spends,"$35,000, nearly the balance of his life savings on the awroussi, the wedding ceremony" (Hosseini 161). Baba is guilty about lying about Hassan and Amir being half-brothers, and about being a mediocre parent to Amir. Buying the wedding for Amir and Soraya, is Baba's way of atoning for what he did.
  • The Gift of Arms

    The Mujahadeen, or non-Muslim fighters, " are receiving arms from the United States, Britain and China via Pakistan".
  • KR: Adoption

    After Amir and Soraya discover that they cannot have children, and the idea of adoption is presented, Soraya says, "I know it's silly and maybe vain... but I can't help it... [I want to] look in its eyes... and see you or me'" (Hosseini 186). Here, the importance of purity to Afghanistan is shown by Soraya not accepting adoption. In Afghanistan, family, blood, and legacy are valuable, because reputation, and trust are based off these things.
  • Al-Qaeda

    Osama bin Laden wanted a religiously independent nation, so, himself, and, " and 15 other Islamists form the group al-Qaida".
  • Peace Accords

    Countries including, the U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace treaties in Switzerland, "guaranteeing Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops".
  • KR: The Inability to Conceive

    After Baba and Soraya find out they are unable to have a baby, Amir thinks that, "this was [his] punishment, and perhaps justly so" (Hosseini 188). Amir believes that because he did not stand up for Hassan when he got raped as a young boy, it is coming back to him in the form of the inability to conceive. He has strong guilt towards what happened, and he feels that this may be part of the way he can atone for what he did.
  • Siege of Kabul

    Rebel troops like the Mujahadeen, and the turncoats, "storm the capital, Kabul, and oust Najibullah from power". Najibullah was the former President of Afghanistan.
  • Execution of the President

    Newly formed Islamic group, the Taliban, " publicly executes Najibullah", the President of Afghanistan.
  • President Clinton's Retaliation

    After Al-Qaeda bombed two American embassies in Africa, "President Clinton orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan", although he misses.
  • KR: The Reunion of Rahim Khan and Amir

    After Amir arrives at Rahim Khan's apartment, and Rahim asks him to go find Hassan's son in Kabul, he detests saying that, "Kabul is a dangerous place" and that he would have to "risk everything" (Hosseini 221). To Amir, it does not matter that Hassan had been loyal and devoted and devoted to him his entire life. This demonstrates that Amir acted cowardly, because he cannot do something for somebody that has been nothing but kind to him. Overall, Amir was selfish, and cowardly in this event.
  • KR: Amis and General Taheri's Quarrel

    When Amir is dining with the Taheri family, General Taheri asks why Amir is living with Sohrab, a "Hazara boy"' (Hosseini 360), and Amir says back, "You will never again refer to him as 'Hazara boy' in my presence''' (Hosseini 361). This demonstrates Amir's growth as a person. When Amir was young, he had the same negative outlook on Hazaras, but now his morals grew, and because Sohrab is his child now, and he atoned, he stands up for him.
  • KR: Sohrab's Vengeance

    When Amir is in the process of getting Sohrab back, and Assef is attacking him, Sohrab, "released the cup" of his slingshot to Assef's eye to defend Amir, and hurt him badly (Hosseini 291). This connects back to over 2 decades ago, when Assef raped Sohrab's father. The event demonstrated Assef's wrongdoing coming back to him, and showed the principle of an "eye for an eye", which is when someone injures someone else, and is penalized to a similar degree.
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