Key Energy Events

  • Shocking Discovery

    Shocking Discovery
    Ben Franklin proves his theory about electricity
  • Gassy Lamp

    Gassy Lamp
    William Murdoch lit his first gas powered lampin 1792
  • Ethanol?

    Samuel Morey made first engine to run partly off of ethanol
  • Hydro-Electricity

    William Armstrong developed a model hydro powered engine that powered an incandescent light bulb
  • Light the Way

    Light the Way
    Thomas Edison and others invent a working incandescent light bulb
  • A Blustery Day

    A Blustery Day
    Prof. James Blyth, Charles Brush,and Poul la Cour invents first wind turbine.
  • Ford Company

    Ford Company
    Henry Ford made engine that ran solely of ethanol
  • Silicon!

    Russel Ohl invented the first silicon solar cell.
  • Splitting the Atoms

    Splitting the Atoms
    Enrico Fermi successfully splits an atom. Thus creatiing nuclear energy.
  • Going Solar

    Going Solar
    Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl Chapin developed a silicon solar cell with higher energy efficiency above six percent. Placed together several silicon strips to capture light energy and thus developed the first solar panel