American revolution

Key Battles in the Revolutionary War

  • Lexington and Concord

    Location: Massachusetts
    The british went to Lexigton to get the leaders.The colonists were already waiting for them.The first shot was fired, but its unknown from which side the shot came from.
    The British won this battle. They then moved on to Concord.The colonists won this battle.
    British Force: 1500
    Killed: 73
    Wounded: 174
    Captured: 53
    Colonial Force: 3800
    Killed: 49
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    As rebels continued to gather around Boston, they realized that they did not have the munitions or cannon to carry out successful siege or military operations. On the night of May 9, 1775, about 100 men crossed Lake Champlain and at dawn on May 10, slipped into the Fort. Most of the dozen British soldiers garrisoned there were still asleep. The commander of the fort appeared and quickly surrendered the fort.
  • Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill

    The American forces learned that the British were planning on taking over the hills around Boston in order to gain a tactical advantage. The Americans secretly moved their troops onto Bunker and Breeds Hill. They built up forts overnight and prepared for battle. This battle, lasted for about three hours, and was one of the deadliest of the Revolutionary War. The British technically won the battle because they took control of the hill, but they suffered too many losses to fully benefit from it.
  • Invasion of Quebec

    English Force: 1800
    Killed: 5
    Wounded: 14
    Captured: 0
    Colonists Force: 1200
    Killed: 48
    Wounded: 34
    Captured: 431
  • Dorchester Heights

    Location: Boston
    The british were forced to evacuate New England
    Colonial won
  • Long Island

    Location: New York
    British Force: 20000
    Killed: 64
    Wounded: 293
    Captured: 31
    Colonial Force: 10000
    Killed: 300
    Wounded: 800
    Captured: 1000
    Both sides noticed the importance of New York.Many british boats where coming and the Colonial troops were positioning and trying to take them out.The British managed to have about 50000 man and 40 canons.
  • Trenton

    Location: Trenton
    British Force: 1520
    Killed: 22
    Wounded: 86
    Captured: 906
    Colonial Force: 2400
    Killed: 2
    Wounded: 5
    Captured: 0
    Tropos were crossing the Delawere river and felt a need for clothing. A lot of casualties made.Not really a battle but colonists won
  • Princeton

    Location: Princeton
    British Force: 1200
    Killed: 100
    Wounded: 70
    Captured: 280
    Colonial Force: 4500
    Killed: 25
    Wounded: 40
    Captured: 0 Colonial won
  • Brandywine Creek

    Location: Pennsylvania
    British Force: 15500
    Killed: 89
    Wounded: 488
    Captured: 6
    Colonial Force: 14600
    Killed: 300
    Wounded: 600
    Captured: 400
    After being defeated the soldiers didnt have very much hope- And even though this battle had no land significance, it was extremely important to give new found hope for the colonists. Colonists won.
  • Saratoga

    Location: New York
    British Force: 7200
    Killed: 140
    Wounded: 370
    Captured: 390
    Colonial Force: 9000
    Killed: 60
    Wounded: 260
    Captured: 0
    The British had won a lot of battles and were really confident. They took the land way instead of the road by water, this made the journey longer. With this given time the Colonists had time to preper themselves agaisnt the British. Colonists won.
  • Germantown

    Location: Pennsylvania
    British Force: 9000
    Killed: 71
    Wounded: 444
    Captured: 0
    Colonial Force: 11000
    Killed: 152
    Wounded: 521
    Captured: 438
    After many loses in Philadelphia. The colonial plan was to try to surptice the British.
  • Monmouth

    Location: New Jersey
    British Force: 14500
    Killed: 289
    Wounded: 641
    Captured: 60
    Colonial Force: 11000
    Killed: 400
    Wounded: 40
    Captured: 22
    The British were vunerable moving from place to place. The colonists were determined to slow them down anyway they could. George washington believed that the British were vunerable and after a lot of convincing the Colonial troops attacked the British.It was a tie, because Colonial got the land but British manage to move to where they wanted
  • Savannah

    Location: Georgia
    British Force: 3100
    Killed: 7
    Wounded: 17
    Captured: 0
    Colonial Force: 850
    Killed: 83
    Wounded: 11
    Captured: 453
    Even without a lot of men, the colonists decided to defend the city agaisnt the British which resulted in the lost of 550 men and all the weapons.
  • Vincennes

    Location: Western Territories
    The colonists captured English forts which helped with negotiation after the war
  • Charleston

    Location: South Carolina
    British Force: 13500
    Killed: 76
    Wounded: 182
    Captured: 0
    Colonists Force: 5466
    Killed: 92
    Wounded: 148
    Captured: 4650 This was the biggest colonial lost. British trops gained control over the south.
  • King’s Mountain

    Location: South Carolina
    British Force: 1200
    Killed: 290
    Wounded: 163
    Captured: 668
    Colonist Force: 900
    Killed: 29
    Wounded: 58
    Captured: 0 This was a series of small battles.The main battle was considered to be the bloodiest. Colonists won
  • Yorktown

    Location: Virginia
    British Force: 8980
    Killed: 309
    Wounded: 326
    Captured: 8007
    English Force: 20600
    Killed: 72
    Wounded: 180
    Captured: 0
    This was the last major battle in the war.The colonial army had managed to get the whole north and with French ships on the sea they outnumbered the British, who gave up after some fight.