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  • Creation

    Kevlar developed by Stephanie Kwolek,a research scientist,by spinning fiber from liquid crystalline solutions.Primary purpose to replace steel cords in tires
  • Period: to

    Kevlar's history

  • Kevlar

    The fiber had been refined and tested further, and was introduced to the world as Kevlar
  • Body Armor

    Body Armor
    Field tested as a body armor.
  • Summer Olympics

    Summer Olympics
    Roof of stadium was design with Kevlar in mind as well as being used as the main supporting structure of the roof.
  • U.S. Military involvment

    U.S. Military involvment
    The U.S. Military adopted Kevlar as a body armor for flank jackets and in PASGT
  • Protective apparel

    Protective apparel
    U.S. Military specifies that protective apparel worm by personal must contain Kevlar.
  • Kevlar 29

    Kevlar 29
    First time used in Military uniforms such as flank jackets and PASGT's. Was bulletproof-minus armor pircing rounds- as was as chemical, flame and cut resistant.
  • PASGT helmet and vest

    Purchased by the U.S. Military, hte PASGT vest and helmet provide above average protection against fragmentations. As well as even more flame and heat resistance.
  • CVC vest

    CVC vest
    Superior protection from spall, fragmention. Deson't melt or support combustion in air.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    Kevlar body armor reduced the number of casualties in operation Desert Storm and thereafter.
  • Kevlar Correctional

    Kevlar Correctional
    100% soft woven fabric for stab protection.
  • Codebow

    Kevlar in bows for string instruments provide strength, flexibility, and stability for the bow's user.
  • Froid Razr

    Froid Razr
    Moterola announced that their new cellphone would have a Kevlar backplate due to its resilience and lack of interference with signal transmission