KCRO History Timeline

  • WAAW was Nebraska's first Radio

    The calls letters were merely from the FCC sequential list. After a community contest, it was voted to stand for Agrigulture Accumlates Wealth. Along with every other station in the US at that time, it was 833mhz. The studios and tower for this station was probably atop the Grain Exchange building at 19th and Harney.
  • Period: to

    KCRO History Time

  • WAAW moves to 1050 AM

    All AM radios in US no longer operating on mhz.
  • WAAW moves to 780 AM

  • WAAW moves to 680 AM

  • WAAW moves to 860 AM

  • Studios moved to City National Bank

    Located on 16th Street between Harney and Howard. There is an FM station tower on that building to this day, though it's not the original station or tower. It currently serves as a backup site for KQBW 96.1 FM.
  • Omaha World-Herald Buys WAAW

    The Omaha World-Herald busy WAAW, becoming a part of the famous STORZ group of stations. The call letters were changed to reflect chances in the FCC and the new owners KOWH (the FCC mandated that all radio stations left of the Missisippi start with K only). KOWH dropped its agriculture format and was a popular top 40 in the Omaha region.
  • KOWH changes to KMEO

    The call letters stand for Cameo and station becomes an easy listening format.
  • KMEO changes to KOZN after sell of station.

    The call letters stand for Country Cousin, obvisouly now playing country music. KOZN will reserface in the early 2000s as a sports station. The purchaser was Starr Broadcasting.
  • KOZN studios move

    To a hotel near 70th and Dodge. The hotel was destroyed in the 1975 tornado.
  • KOWH transmitter plant moved to Hartman

    Behind Springdale Cemetary at 64th. It remains there today.
  • Starr Broadcasting sells station to Bob Gibson

    Starr Broadcasting sells KOWH, KOZN and KOWH to the baseball great and Omaha native
  • KOZN changes back to KOWH

    The format is a soul station.
  • Studios move after being destroyed by tornado

    To a location near 39th and Harney
  • KOWH changes to KCRO

    The call letters stand for Christian Radio Omaha, a litteral 'born again' Christian station
  • Sell and move of station

    The FM KCRO was sold to the owners of KYNN AM and became KYNN FM, joining the AM sation located at 90th and Dodge. KCRO AM moved into the studios KYNN AM had earlier vacated- just kind of a handy accident!
  • Gibson sells stations to RadiOmaha

    The AM became KCRO and moved to the former KLNG and KYNN studios at 37th and Dodge.
  • RadiOmaha sells KCRO to Eternal Broadcasting

    Eternal operated under a joint sales agreeement with Waitt Media.
  • Eternal Broadcasting moves studio to Burt St.

    Eternal Broadcasting was also home to KOTK AM.
  • Eternal Broadcasting sells KCRO to Salem Communications

    Salem Communications purchases KCRO, KOTK from Eternal Broadcasting as well as KGBI from Grace University.
  • KCRO authorized for 24 hour operation

    At 54 watts post sunset. Previously, the station was a daytime only status.