Aly and aj

Kaylee Saye

  • Aly (Alyson Mickalka)

    Aly (Alyson Mickalka)
    Aly was born, March 25, 1989
  • Aj (Amanda Joy Michalka)

    Aj (Amanda Joy Michalka)
    Aj was born April 10,1991
  • Aly and Aj

    Aly and Aj
    aly and aj are both Song-writters and actresses. they love spending their free time writting songs with each other. their mom also helps them wright their songs :)
  • About Aly

    About Aly
    aly loves to wright songs. she loves Horses, dogs and Dolphins. she has 3 dogs. she loves to Hunter Jump (Horses). she reaqued a dog named MoneyPenny (?) (strange name).
  • Aj (secretariat)

    Aj (secretariat)
    aj stared in the movie Secretariat :) she played as Kate.