Katie Gales Chapter 24 Timeline

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    Katie Gales Chapter 24 Timeline

  • The Japanese Army invades Manchuria – [“Manchurian Incident”].

    This was an attempt to gain control over the whole province, in order to eventually encompass all of East Asia. This proved to be one of the causes of World War II.
  • Mussolini conquers Ethiopia

    He felt that a war would divert attention. Ethiopia was a prime target because it was still an independent country. Ethiopian army was poorly equipped, and any resistance against it would end quickly. On May 7, Italy officially annexed Ethiopia.
  • General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces take control of Madrid (Spain), where he rules until his death in 1975.

    Franco developed a reputation as a cruel and vindictive military leader. It is estimated that 200,000 political prisoners died as a result of starvation, overwork and executions.
  • Britain’s Neville Chamberlain and Hitler meet at the Munich Conference

    Hitler threatened to invade Czechoslovakia unless Britain supported Germany's plans to takeover the Sudetenland. Chamberlain informed Hitler that his proposals were unacceptable.
  • • Hitler (Germany) invades Poland, beginning WWII

    When Hitler invaded Poland, it took is Nazi forces less then a month to take country of the country. He took Poland by suprise by using the new technique of Blitzkreig using planes followed by tanks and artillery, then ground forces