Katherine Knights

  • Katherine Knight

    Katherine Knight
    Katherin was born in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia and had a dysfunctional family. Her mom had an affair with her co-workers husband, causing them to leave the conservative town they lived with Ken. Ken, the co-workers husband, was an alcoholic and raped Knight's mom up to 10 times a day. As a child, she stated that she was raped by several family members up until the age of 11. She was a loner and bullied smaller children. She assaulted a child with a weapon at school
  • Married David Kellet

    Married David Kellet
    On the wedding night, Katherine Knight tried to strangle David Kellet because he went to sleep after having intercourse only three times and she did not feel satisfied.
  • Kellet leaves

    Kellet leaves
    After the birth of his first child with Katherine, David left her for another woman being unable to handle her abuse. The next day, Katherine left her two-year-old child on a railway line and took an axe into town to threaten people. Luckily, a good Samaritan saved her minutes before a train arrived.
  • Divorced David

    Divorced David
    After 10 years together, they both divorced and had two daughters.
  • Psychiatric Hospital

    Psychiatric Hospital
    After David left her, she went to a psychiatric hospital after trying to kill the mechanic that fixed David's car because he was "helping" him leave her; they got back together after she left the hospital but later separated
  • Meeting David Saunders

    Six years after David Kellett left her, she met David Saunders, who moved in with her and her two daughters, but had a separate apartment, which caused tension in their relationship. This caused Knight emotional distress and killed their two-month puppy by slicing its throat to prove the measures she could go. They had a daughter and later he left her after Knight tried to stab him with a pair of scissors
  • John Chillingworth

    After Saunders left, she met John Chillingworth and even had a child together, Knight's first son. There wasn't any problems in the relationship. This could be due to Knight having an affair with John Price
  • Katherine meets John

    Katherine meets John
    Katherine moved into John Price's house in 1995. He was well aware of her violent reputation at the time. They had multiple violent arguments.
  • Arguments with Price

    Price refused to marry Knight, so she sent video recordings of him stealing things from work to his boss. After this incident, Price kicked her out of his house. A couple years later, they got back into a relationship, but he refused to let her move in again.
  • Restraining Order

    Restraining Order
    On his way home from work, Price stopped at Scone Magistrate's Court and got a restraining order to keep Knight away from him and his children. He told his co-workers that if he did not come to work the next morning, Knight had murdered him. His friends begged him to not go home, but he was afraid that Knight would murder his children if he did not do so.
  • The Night of the Murder

    The Night of the Murder
    Knight woke Price up in the middle of the night, had sex with him, and allowed him to fall back to sleep before she came back and stabbed him 37 times while he was asleep. She then proceeded to skin him and hang him from a meat hook in the arch of their doorway. Knight decapitated him and left his head boiling in a pot of soup, cut up his body parts and made them into a meal.
  • The Day After

    Neighbors became concerned that Price's car was still in his driveway and when he did not go to work, his co-workers came to see what was wrong. They alerted police after noticing there was blood on the front door. Police came in and found Price's body next to Knight with a bunch of pills. It seemed as if she had prepared the meal of his body for his children.
  • Trial Commenced

    Katherine Knight's trial was going to commence, with a plea of not guilty, but the night before she had suddenly plead guilty. She is the first woman in Australia to get the life sentence without parole.