Katherine Johnson

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  • Birth

    Katherine Johnson was born in White Sulphur Springs, WV. Hometown
  • Childhood

    When Katherine was 10 she passed the eighth grade. Her dad Joshua moved the family 120 miles to Institute, West Virginia for her to attend high school. Katherine graduated high school at age 14 Institute
  • Teachers

    Many of Katherine's teacher's influenced her to do well in life. For instance one of her professors, Dr. William W. Schieffelin was set on preparing Katherine to be a research mathematician. Teacher
  • School

    Katherine attended West Virginia State, having a B.S. in mathematics and French. She graduated in 1937 with the highest honors. Katherine was handpicked to integrate West Virginia graduate schools. Month and day not specified. College
  • Jobs

    Katherine's first job was teaching at a black public school in Virginia. Later she quit her job and went into a graduate math program. She went on to work in Langley, a NASA research center. Langley
  • NASA

    Katherine was employed by NASA. Two weeks into her job, Katherine got a permanent position in the Flight Research Division. She retired in 1986. NASA
  • Family

    Katherine has three daughters, Constance, Katherine, and Joylette. Her husband John Goble died of cancer in 1956. She remarried to Colonel James Johnson in 1959. Family
  • Accomplishments

    Katherine had many accomplishments in her life such as working on the Space Shuttle and the Earth Resources Satellite. She has also authored and coauthored 26 research reports. But her biggest accomplishment is being awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. Medal of Freedom
  • Retirement

    After 33 years of service, Katherine retired. She still participates in panels and conferences. Katherine gives speeches at middle and high schools about pursuing a STEM career. STEM
  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures
    In 2016, a movie was created about Katherine and two other influential black women in NASA, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan.It focuses on their contributions to John Glenn's orbit on the Friendship 7. Hidden Figures