K-12 Public Education

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  • The Family as an Educational Agency

    The Family as an Educational Agency
    In the early times of the New England colonies the idea of a family being utilized in a child's educational experience helped shape the need for family involvement. The families were able to teach real life skills and even offer apprenticeships for their children (students) to learn from. Family involvement with children helps foster their educational experiences by creating a positive environment starting at home.
  • Increase in Women Teachers

    Increase in Women Teachers
    In the early 1800s more women were becoming teachers due to taking less pay and appearing more morally suited to be a teacher. This started a snowball effect of a stigma created around men being a teacher being strange or unfit. The lack of men in schools allows for no positive male role model for many students that truly need it. Men may shy away from the career due to this stigma that started so long ago.
  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    The child study movement was a significant event that allowed psychologists to look at how children learn best. This includes observing personalities and minds as they learn. The study allowed children to truly be the focus of education and have what is best for them at the core of what educational foundations were built around.
  • Massive Resistance

    Massive Resistance
    A resistance that took place shortly after the Brown vs. Board ruling showed the true colors of how whites felt about desegregating schools. Although a battle was won in 1954, there was still a war to be fought. Massive resistance was still occurring even though the law stated segregation wasn't allowed in schools. People didn't care and there was still a large need for change that often isn't talked about. Change started, but change still needed to be finished.
  • Virtual Education

    Virtual Education
    With the way the world is changing, it's no wonder the idea of virtual education has become such a large part of schooling. It allows a way for students to learn from all over the world with all abilities. Whether you want to work at your own pace, are struggling with health issues or simply like the idea, virtual education is offering more opportunities than ever before.