Jude Rae Still Life Painting Unit Year 9

By pjw158
  • Create a warm underlayer

    Create a warm underlayer
    Scumble a coloured ground - orange or ochre
  • Scumble a second layer

    Scumble a second layer
    Scumble light blue-grey over the ground, letting the colour glow through.
  • Add a horizon line

    Add a horizon line
    Draw in a horizon line and scumble a darker blue-grey below the line.
  • Grid up the page

    Grid up the page
    Lightly draw in pencil a 3x3 grid over the the ground. Draw a corresponding 3x3 grid over the photograph you are working from.
  • Drawing the forms

    Drawing the forms
    Using pencil, lightly draw the outlines of the forms from the photograph onto your painting.
    Do not worry about adding the details yet.
  • Scumbling the midtones

    Scumbling the midtones
    Choose an object and mix a mid-tone of the colour you can see in the photograph. A mid-tone is a colour in between the darkest and the lightest areas of the object.
    Using the scumbling technique, paint the midtone over the whole object, up to the edges of the pencil lines.
    Repeat this process for the other objects using corresponding midtones for each. Leave out the glass.
  • Tonal Modelling

    Tonal Modelling
    Remix the midtone for one of the objects. Mix a range of at least 4 tones from light to dark of that colour.
    To lighten tones mix white with the colour.To darken tones mix the midtone's complementary colour from the colour wheel. (To darken blue, add orange.)
    Paint in the tonal modelling on the objects using their corresponding ranges of tones.
  • Painting the Finer Details

    Painting the Finer Details
    Paint the details like labels and lids.
    Tidy up edges and add shadows below the objects.
  • Painting the glass!

    Painting the glass!
    Paint the glass object!
    Focus on scumbling to show the transparency of the glass.
    Accentuate the highlights and reflected colours.
    Show refraction where the object overlaps another form and is warped.
  • Finishing touches!

    Finishing touches!
    Add the wood board details below the horizon line.
    Accentuate the details, shadows and highlights on selected areas.
    Touch up on the drawing if any forms are looking wonky.
    Cover up any messy paint areas and add some scumbled paint to the background.
    Jude Rae!