Juddy`s timeline

By jnam
  • World war 1

  • world war II

    the world war II began in september 1 1939 it was similar to world war I
  • Korean war

    In june 25 1950 Korean war beegan it was North korea vs South korea and now north koreans dont let south koreas come and south korea doesnt let north koreans come
  • Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth
    Queen Elizabeth rules 7 countries and she became the queen in febuary 6 1952
  • When Juddy`s dad was born

    juddy`s dad was born in 1968 october 28 at south korea
  • When juddy`s mom was born

    Juddy`s mom was born in 1972 December 20 south korea
  • When Juddy`s brother was born

    Juddy`s brother was born in june 11 2000 at the morning california in hollywood
  • 2003 US aircrash

    in Jan 8 2003 US airways express flight 5481 crashes at
    charlotte/douglas international airport in charlotte ,north calorina killing all 21 people aboard.
  • space shuttle

    space shuttle columbia is launched on its last flight
  • canberra killing 4 people

    the canberra,bushfires in canbera,australia killed 4 people
  • When Juddy Nam was born

    Juddy was born in California in Hollywood 2:00 pm 2003 august 22
  • Juddy`s family

    Juddy has four families her mom,dad,and brother.Her mom`s name is Chida and her dad has two names Dave is his american name and Kyung il is his korean name.Juddy`s brother has two names also and Juddy to Juddy`s brothers name are christian and seungwoo and Juddy`s is juliee and juddy.
  • Juddy`s new puppy

    Juddy got her new puppy in juddy`s mom`s birthday as agift for her mom it was a boy and he was so cute!
  • Juddy`s family celebrations

    Juddy`s family celebrates independent das in america and korea america is in July 4th and korea is august 15th and of course they celebrate birthdays to! but mostly they celebrate korean independence day mostly!