Juan José Arévalo

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  • Birth

    Juan José Arévalo was born on September 10th, 1904. This took place in Taxisco, Guatemala. His parents were Mariano Arévalo, a farmer and cattle rancher, and Elena Bermejo, a schoolteacher.
  • Education

    When Juan was young, his schooling took place in Guatemala City. After this, he won an Argentine government scholarship to study at the University of La Plata. There, he earned a doctorate in philosophy in 1934.
  • President

    Juan was elected president in the December of 1944 as Guatemala’s first democratically elected president. He was unknown through Guatemala which meant there would be few objections and that is how he won easily. Juan was the president of Guatemala from 1945 to 1951.
  • Leading Guatemala

    Leading Guatemala
    A new constitution began on March 13, 1945. Two days after this, Arévalo's six-year term began. His new policy was what he called "spiritual socialism," an unclear doctrine of psychological and moral liberation. He did this because he wanted to give every citizen "the fundamental right of living in peace with his own conscience, with his family, with his goods, with his destiny."
  • First child

    First child
    Juan Jose had his first son on 1946 in Mexico City, Mexico. He named his son Julio Solórzano Foppa. When Julio grew up, he became a film actor and was in the movie “Cabeza de Vaca.”
  • Leaving office

    Leaving office
    Juan left the office in 1951. He then became an ambassador. While an ambassador, he traveled to Latin America and Europe.
  • Books

    After leaving the office, Arevalo decided to start writing. Some of the books he wrote was “In Latin America” and “The Shark and the Sardine.” He made these in 1963 and 1961.
  • Ambassador to Chile

    Ambassador to Chile
    After the Army Revolution removed Guatemala’s previous president, Juan left the country. While still in exile, Arévalo was appointed ambassador to Chile. This happened in the January of 1969.
  • Ambassador to France

    Ambassador to France
    Arevalo was assigned his second job as an ambassador. He was told to go to France. He would stay there from 1970 to 1972.
  • Death

    Juan Jose died on October 6th, 1990. This happened in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He was 86 years old when he died.