21st century growth of technology

Timeline created by spongelock97
  • Microsoft first gaming system Xbox

    Microsoft first gaming system Xbox
    This is Microsoft very first home video game console. It became very significant the next year (2002) of when they introduced Xbox live, its an online services that enable multiplayer gaming and other media services.
  • Blue ray first player

    Blue ray first player
    Blue ray Disc Associations Introduced their very first video player that allow to play movies in high definition. When it first came out in the US market, it was $1000.
  • Apple first Ipad

    Apple first Ipad
    Inventor Steve Jobs introduces Apples first computer based tablet version called the iPad. It is highly use by consumers and the workforce in everyday lives when taking the tablet on the go, and it features capability of accessing cellular networks.
  • Google Home

    Google Home
    Google introduced their very first smart home speaker called Google Home. Its a home assistant that helps your everyday needs like telling you the weather, traffic, setting timers, or asking question, while it gives you answers from google search engine.
  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
    Nintendo introduced their very first Hybrid gaming console called Nintendo Switch. It can be played on your tv and also take with you on the go as a portable gaming device. It was the most sold out consoles during their first holiday 2017, it sold 66 millions of units.