Jordan Belfort

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  • Jordan Belforts Birth

    Jordan Belforts Birth
    Jordan Ross Belfort born on July 9th 1962. He was born in Queens, New York (
  • Stratton Oakmont

    Stratton Oakmont
    Jordan Is running Stratton Oakmont very successfully by pulling in over $30 million. Jordan made $3 million alone on year when his company started (Forbes).
  • Bankrupcy court

    Bankrupcy court
    Jordan was in court and one of his sentences wa that he is not allowed to go back into the stock market and try to sell stocks at all and any similar work with stocks (Sec. Inv)
  • Prison Time and Punishments

    Prison Time and Punishments
    Jordan was sent to prison on Feburary 28th. He served 22 months in prision and got out in 2006. His court deal was that he had to pay off $110 million dollars as well as the jail time (Secur. Invest).
  • The Wolf of Wallstreet

    The Wolf of Wallstreet
    While in prison Jordan decided to write about his experiences he had before jail. He wrote an autobiography about how he ran Stratton Oakmont, brought it up from a small comapny, and all the stuff he and his co-workers did (Leonard, Tom).
  • Wolf of Wall Street movie

    Wolf of Wall Street movie
    Jordan sold his movie to producers and they made his book into a hit movie. Leonardo DiCaprio protrayed Jordan and showed all of the things Jordan did. Either it being a geneius business leader or a ruthless drug addict (Wolf of Wall Street Scorsese).