• 1775 Lisbon, Portugal

    1775 Lisbon, Portugal
    magnitude 7.7 - 9.0
    20,000 deaths
    Interesting fact - because houses were still lit by candle light, many were knocked over in the tsunami, which led to many houses burning down.
  • 1883 Krakatoa

    1883 Krakatoa
    36,000 deaths
    magnitude 6
    interesting fact - Inspiration for the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch, the red sky from the volcano inspired the background for the painting.
  • 1946 Aleutians, Alaska

    1946 Aleutians, Alaska
    Magnitude 8.1, 160 deaths
    Interesting fact - The tsunami was known as the April fools day tsunami because it hit the islands of Hawaii on April 1st
  • 1960 Chile

    1960 Chile
    magnitude 9.5
    killed 61 people
    Interesting fact - The tsunami devastated most Chilean ports, which was the main economy for the country.
  • 1964 Alaskan

    1964 Alaskan
    magnitude 9.2, killed 130 people
    Interesting fact - The main force of the tsunami was caused by a massive underwater landslide.
  • 1993 Okushiri

    1993 Okushiri
    120 people killed, Magnitude 7.8
    Interesting fact - Even Though the area hit by the tsunami had tsunami defences in place from a previous disaster 10 years earlier, there was still substantial damage done to the area.
  • 1998 Papua New Guinea

    1998 Papua New Guinea
    Magnitude 7.1, 2100 killed
    Interesting fact - After the tsunami destroyed many of the coastal villages in the country, buildings were rebuilt further back from the ocean in the event of another tsunami.
  • 2004 Sumatra

    2004 Sumatra
    Magnitude 9.1, 230,000 deaths
    Interesting fact - Even though the coast of Somalia was further away than Bangladesh, Somalia was hit harder by the tsunami than Bangladesh.
  • 2009 Samoa

    2009 Samoa
    September 29, 2009, Magnitude 8.1, 200 deaths
    Interesting fact - In the capital of Samoa Lepa, after the tsunami only a church and the town's welcome sign were still standing.
  • 2010 Chile

    2010 Chile
    Magnitude 8.8, 700 deaths
    Interesting fact - The majority of casualties caused in the tsunami were caused by people being stuck in lower floors of buildings or inside cars.
  • 2011 Japan

    2011 Japan
    Magnitude 9.1, 20,000 Deaths
    Interesting fact - The 2011 Tohoku earthquake was the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan.