John Stuart Mill Accomplishments (1806-1873)

  • A System of Logic

    John was a big believer in naturalism. He believed that we could gather information about the human mind using natural sciences, and did not believe in intuitionism. This book attempts to argue for empiricism in epistemology, logic, and mathematics before the twentieth century (Mill).
  • On Liberty

    This book covers the amount of power a government or instituion can have over an individual. He believed that this book would have the most longevity out of all of his writings. As he stated in his book, "That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others"(On Liberty, 51-2).
  • Utilitarianism

    John Stuart Mill is considered to be one of the classical utilitarians. He believed that there is one common feature for humans and that everyone desires happiness, or pleasure(Driver). The action that created the larger amount of pleasure or utility was the correct action regarding morality. He was a follower of Jeremy Bentham but disagreed with some of his work, which is why John tried to perfect utilitarianism. ‌
  • The Subjection of Women

    John was known for some of the radical ideas of his time. He created one of the first writing to support women's rights. The essay that he wrote is part of the history for feminism. He believed that there is equality between both of the sexes (Heydt).