John Milton

  • John milton

    John miltom was born on bread street dec 9 1608
  • First writings

    At age 15 he composed his first two pslams.
  • College

    Attended Christ's College, Cambridge
  • Graduated College

    Graduated with a B.A. ranking fourth of a class of 24.
  • Obtained Masters

    Obtained Masters of Arts Degree
  • His poetry performed.

    His Arcades and Comus were performed for the public.
  • Private Study

    Under took six years of self- directed private study.
  • Toured France and Italy

    He done a tour of France and Italy that lasted till August of 1639.
  • Began writing prose tracts.

    Began to write prose tracts against episocpacy the service of the Puritan and Parliamentary cause.
  • Visited Manor House

    He visited Manor House at Forest Hill, Oxfordshire and returned with a 16 year old Mary Powell as his bride.
  • Became Secretary of Foreign Tongue

    He was appointed Secretary of Foreign Tongue by the coucil of state.
  • Published "Eikonoklastes"

    Published "Eikonoklastes" an explicit defense of the regicide.
  • Published " Defensio Pro Populo Anglicano" .

    Published "Defensio Pro Populo Anglicano" as known as "The First Defense".
  • Published "Defensio Secunda"

    Published "Defensio Secunda" the second defense of the English nation.
  • Married a second time.

    He married a second time to Katherine Woodcock.
  • Published " A Treatise of Civil Power"

    This book denounced corrupt practices in church goverment.
  • In hiding.

    He went into hiding for his life becaue of his writings.
  • Married a third time.

    He remarried a third time to Elizabeth (Betty) Minshull.
  • Sold publication rights to Paradise Lost.

    He sold the publication rights to "Paradise Lost" to Samuel Simmons.
  • He died.

    Died at age 65 of kidney failure.