John lennon

John Lennon

  • Birth

    John Lennon was born to Julia and Alfred Lennon.
  • Period: to

    John Lennons life

  • Lives with Mimi

    Lives with Mimi
    Johns starts to live with his Aunt Mimi after his father tried to take him to New Zealand.
  • Learned the Banjo

    Learned the Banjo
    His mother Julia would come to see him very often and while she was there she would teach him the banjo and show him Elvis and Fats Domino.
  • Uncle Dies

    Uncle Dies
    John's uncle George dies of a liver haemorrhage.
  • First guitar

    His mother got his first guitar for 5 pounds.
  • Created the Quarrymen

    Created the Quarrymen
    He started the skiffle group when he was only 15 and was the lead singer. Band members included kids from his school Quarry Bank High School.
  • Met Paul McCartney

    Met Paul McCartney
    Well we all know where that leads...
  • Mothers death

    Mothers death
    She got hit by a off duty police car coming home from the Smith's house. (Mimi)
  • Became the Beatles

    Became the Beatles
    Band memebers included Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Stu Studcliffe, George Harrison (Only 15), and Pete Best.
  • Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburg, Germany
    Went there three times and were living in not very good conditions. Took drugs to stay awake.
  • Became the Beatles (with Ringo)

    Became the Beatles (with Ringo)
    Band members include John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Ringo replaced Best on drums and Paul replaced Stu on bass.
  • Arrived in America

    Arrived in America
    Arrived in America at the hight og Beatlemania. Played on the Ed Sullivan Show and 73 million people watched. 60% of television channels were on the moment.
  • Stopped touring

    Stopped touring
    Their last tour ended at Candlestick Park in California. They stopped touring because of how loud the fans would get and they couldn't hear themselves play.
  • Brian Epstein death

    Brian Epstein death
    He was their manager and friend and he died while they were in India.
  • The Break Up

    The Break Up
    He left the Beatles. It was really sad and I dont like to talk about it so thats it.
  • Imagine: Solo Career

    Imagine: Solo Career
    John created a band with his wife at the time Yoko Ono who he got married to in 1969 on march 20th. The band was called The Plastic Ono Band. They made many songs together including Give Paece a Chance and HAppy X-Mas (War is over). He craeted some songs just by himself. the most famous on being Imagine and Woman.
  • Death

    John Lennon was shot four times by a carzed fan named Mark David Chapman and until this time he wrote music that changed the world with the Beatles and by hisself.