John Keats

  • earlier education

    John keats attended Enfield school, while there he was greatly influced by the works of Charles Cowden Clarke
  • First awaking of life

    John Keats was born in Finsbury Pavement near London on October 31st, 1795. John attended a good school where he became well acquainted with ancient and contemporary literature
  • Carrer started to roll

    In 1810 he was apprenticed to an apothecary-surgeon. His first attempts at writing poetry date from about 1814, and include an `Imitation' of the Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser
  • enough is enough

    In 1814, before completion of his apprenticeship, John left his master after a quarrel, becoming a hospital student in London. Under the guidance of his friend Cowden Clarke he devoted himself increasingly to literature
  • doctor life is a no go

    a student at Guy hospital, and qualifiy to be a surgon. Keats dropped that lifestyle and chose to become a poet
  • Pubslished work

    with the help of a famous writer Leigh Hunt , he helped him publish his first poem in a magazine. A year later Keats published about thirty poems and sonnets printed in the volume "Poems".
  • keeping it moving

    After receiving scarce, negative feedback, Keats travelled to the Isle of Wight on his own in spring of 1817. In the late summer he went to Oxford.
  • it runs in the family

    while taking a walk in the British Isles, he felt a sore throat coming on that would be the first sysmtom of the disease that killed his mother, tuberculosis
  • Romance

    while living in a house he feel in love with a beautiful girl and tried to get back into writing literature again
  • bump in the road

    before he could really get his writing started off again, his health began to deteriorate. instructed by his doctors he was told to avoid the harsh english winter and so he did withe the help of his friend joseph and moved to rome and eventually died in 1821