john dalton

  • the bith day of john dalton

    the bith day of john dalton
    john dalton was born on september 6 1766 he was born in the town of Eaglesfield, England
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  • a little about johns life

    a little about johns life
    Dalton attended school until the age of twelve, when he became a teacher and taught for the rest of his life. In 1794, Dalton published a scientific paper on color-blindness, from which he suffered. Because of Dalton's research, color-blindness is called Daltonism.
  • daltons laws

    daltons laws
    In 1803 Dalton published his law of partial pressures known as Dalton's Law. Dalton's Law says that when different gases combine, the resulting pressure will be the sum of what each gas gives individually.
  • john fist atoms work

    john fist atoms work
    Dalton's studies led to the conclusion that gases had to be made of small particles. Taking and increasing Democritus' idea that atoms could not be split, Dalton created the new atomic theory. Dalton said that all matter is made of small and indivisible parts, that they are not capable of being destroyed and that they could not be changed. Dalton also said that each element had a different type of atom, that is, that all gold atoms are alike to one another, but different from the other elements.
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    In 1808, Dalton published New System of Chemical Philosophy, which was a list of weights for specific elements.
  • royal medal

    In 1826, Dalton received a Royal Medal his work of the New System of Chemical Philosophy, Dalton supported himself by teaching, and in his later years, scientific research was put aside to provide income from teaching.
  • dead

    John Dalton died at his English home on July 27, 1844.