Johannes Brahms Biography Timeline

  • Birth

    Johannes was born in Hamburg, Germany on this day. He was the son of a double bass player and a seamstress.
  • Own Form of Music

    Own Form of Music
    Johannes created his own method of writing music, rather than using his fathers techniques. He created his own melodies on paper.
  • Piano

    This is when Johannes began to play piano more and more. He began studying under Otto Cossel.
  • Private Concerts

    Private Concerts
    Johannes started playing private concerts to earn money for his future education. He also began taking piano lessons with Eduard Marxsen.
  • Music Lessons

    Music Lessons
    Johannes started helping his family out by giving music lessons and playing piano for money. All the work started to affect his health, so he was send to Winsen-an-der-Luhe, in Germany, where he conducted a small mens choir. He wrote his first choral composition for this choir.
  • Return to Hamburg

    Return to Hamburg
    He returned from Winsen back to Hamburg, and performed several concerts. He didn't gain any recognition, so he started playing at taverns and giving cheap music lessons.
  • Eduard Remenyi

    Eduard Remenyi
    Johannes met Eduard Remenyi. Eduard introduced him to gypsy dance songs that could influence his later compositions.
  • Composing for Piano

    Composing for Piano
    Brahms starting composing several piano pieces. Then, Remenyi and Brahms went on several concert tours that ended up being very successful.
  • Met his Wife

    Met his Wife
    Brahms met his wife Clara. He also met Schumann, who wrote articles praising Barahms and also arranged to have Barahms first compositions published.
  • Piano Trio #1

    Piano Trio #1
    Johannes wrote the Piano Trio #1, Variations on a Theme of Schumann, and Ballades. Variations-
    Piano Trio-
  • Dusseldorf, Germany

    Dusseldorf, Germany
    Brahms was called to Dusseldorf because Schumanns attempted suicide. For the next few years he stayed close to the Schumann family, even after Schumanns death in 1856.
  • Piano Concerto in D Minor

    Piano Concerto in D Minor
    Brahms wrote the Piano Concerto in D Minor and it was performed in many cities in Germany. He was also named conductor of a ladies choir in Hamburg. He wrote the piece "Marinlieder" for this choir. Piano Concerto- Marienlieder-
  • Liszts Style of Music

    Liszts Style of Music
    Johannes heard that composers were using Liszts, a composer he met on a concert tour and didn't like, style of music. He moved to Hamburg and started composing like crazy and playing publically.
  • Concert in Vienna

    Concert in Vienna
    Johannes gave a concert in Vienna, Austria. He also became the conductor of the Singakademie in Vienna.
  • Resignation

    Brahms resigned. He stayed in Vienna for the rest of his life. He started doing what he always wanted, which was making composing his main source of income.
  • Mothers Death

    Mothers Death
    Brahms mother died. Throughout the next year he worked on the German Requiem for her memory.
  • German Requiem Finished

    German Requiem Finished
    He finished the German Requiem, but it wasn't published in its final form. He published Variations on a Theme of Paganni, and the String Sextet in G minor, which became very important. German Requiem- Variations on a theme of paganni- String Sextet-
  • Fathers Death

    Fathers Death
    Brahms father died this year.
  • 2nd Resignation

    2nd Resignation
    He resigned as conductor of Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, that same Summer, he worked on his Symphony No. 1 and started the Symphony 2. Symphony 1-
  • University of Breslau

    University of Breslau
    The University of Breslau offered Brahms a doctors degree, in appreciation he wrote 2 orchestral concert pieces. He discovered Italy and ended up vacationing there alot. Vacations to him, meant composing, producing symphonies, and violin and piano concertos.
  • Started Aging

    Started Aging
    Began aging rapidly. He thought he was at the end of his creativity. His last published works were Vier ernste Gesange (4 serious songs) were the high points in his career.
  • Health Problems

    Brahms health began to take a toll on him after his wife died.
  • Death

    Brahms death was this year. He died of liver cancer and was buried next to Beethoven and Fraz Schubert. He was honored by Vienna and the entire music world.