Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Birth of Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Ambrosius Bach and his wfe Elisabetha welcomed their youngest child into the world. Bach's father was a court musician.
  • Baptized

    Johann Sebastian Bach was baptized when he was two days old. His family had strong religious background.
  • Loses both parents before the age of 10

    February 20, 1695, Bach loses his father after losing his mother a year before. Bach is sent to live with his oldest brother Christopher Bach who was working as an organist. Christopher teaches his little brother more about music and introduces him to German composers.
  • Bach goes to school to persue a music career

    Bach joined a local school in 1699 and received lessons in Latin, French, Greek, Italian and theology. About a year later Bach was given a scholarship to St. Michael's.
  • Bach Graduates from St. Michael's

    Bach graduated in 1703 from St. Michael’s School. He got an offer as an organist in Sangerhausen, which he turned down and then joined the chapel of Duke Johann Ernst in Weimar. The job had nothing to do with music. One day Bach played for the church authorities and they were impressed. They helped him get the position of organist at St. Boniface Church.
  • Marries 1st wife

    Bach marries his second cousin on October 17, 1707. They have 7 children together.
  • Bach works for the Prince

    Bach was hired by Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Kothen, as his director of music. The Prince was also a musician, but he loved the work of Bach.
  • Bach's 1st wife dies he remarries

    After Bach's1st wife passes away. Bach marries Anna Magdalena Wilcke, a famous soprano, The had a total of 13 children together.
  • The death of Bach

    At the time of his death Bach was putting the final touches on The Art of Fugue. It was in the newspaper in 1750 that Bach died of complications from his eye surgery. Modern researchers believe that Bach died from a stroke due to having pneumonia.