jim carrey

  • birth

  • he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School

    he began to study in a different school
  • he tried with the comedy

    he was acting in some locals, he thinked he was gonig to be lucky
  • he work as a clown

    he was motivated by his father to do that
  • began comedy

    in toronto
  • work at comedy store

    after gaining prominence , he began to work on this
  • he get married with Melissa womer

    he get married by first time
  • jane was born

    jim had his first daughter
  • he act at ace ventura

    he had the premiere
  • he get divorced from Melissa

    their relationship arrive to the end
  • Carrey discussed his bouts of depression

    he open his heart
  • Carrey received U.S. citizenship

    he has another from Canada
  • Carrey began dating with an actress

    he knew Jenny McCarthy
  • Jim went with his family to a premiere

    It was the premiere of horton hears a who!
  • Carrey was going to be grandfather

    he publish in his twitter that his daughter was going to had a baby with his husband