Jeanne d'Arc

  • Apr 30, 1337

    Hundred Year War

    In 1337 to 1453 the Hundred Year War began between France and New England who were struggling and fighting over the French throne.
  • Period: Apr 30, 1337 to Sep 23, 1453

    Jeanne d'Arc

  • Jan 6, 1412

    Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc was born to Isabella and Jacques in the town of Donremy, France.
  • Sep 23, 1422


    Joan of Arc claims to hear voices of God. She claimes God will direct her in the correct path in life.
  • Feb 26, 1426

    King of Heaven

    Joan claims to see visions of God and three angels, Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret telling her to fight for the kings of heaven and bring the dauphin to his coronation.
  • Jan 1, 1429


    Joan of Arc goes to see the Dauphin to Chinon to ask him for an army to defend Reims in their last chance of victory.
  • Sep 23, 1429

    Joan the Maid of Orleans

    Joans leads her men into victory in Orleans and gains the name of Joan the Maid of Orleans.
  • Dec 12, 1430


    Joan of arc is captured by German barbarians called the burgundians. A ransom was asked for her to France but the King refused and began her trial.
  • Jan 9, 1431


  • May 30, 1431

    Burned at the stake

    BurnedJoan of Arc is burned at the stake.
  • Sep 23, 1453

    Hundred Year War

    The French defeat the English in Castillion, leading to the end of the Hundred Year War.