• Work Songs

    Work Songs
    Music used by slaves to work.
    A famous singer was Frederick Douglass, a slave.
  • Spiritual Songs

    Spiritual Songs
    Religious songs.
    A famous singer, Frederick Douglass.
  • Gospel Songs

    Gospel Songs
    Religious hymns
    A famous musician is Mahalia Jackson
  • Nueva Orleans, Dixieland

    Nueva Orleans, Dixieland
    Jazz-Hot type
    A famous musician, Joe King Oliver
  • Estilo Chigago

    Estilo Chigago
    Group instrumental playing that developed in Chicago
    A famous musician, Muddy Waters
  • Swing

    Common Instruments: Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Double Bass, Electric Guitar, Drums
    A famous musician, Artie Shaw
  • Be-Bop

    Recede to cool or west coast jazz, and hard bop
    A famous musician, Dizzy Gillespie
  • Cool Jazz

    Cool Jazz
    Takes place during the 1950s
    A famous musician, Stan Getz
  • Free Jazz

    Free Jazz
    Free jazz is one of the styles or subgenres of jazz.
    A famous musician, Cecil Taylor
  • Jazz Fusión

    Jazz Fusión
    Set of two or more different styles, to produce a unique and identifiable shape separately from them
    A famous musician, Chick Corea