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Japan's Pacific Campaign

  • Americans Crack Japanese Codes

    Americans Crack Japanese Codes
    By this month the Americans had cracked the codes of the Japanese used to send secret messages
  • Oil supply is cut off

    Oil supply is cut off
    President Roosevelt cut off all oil shipments to Japan in an attempt to greatly shorten their oil supply and increase the U.S.'s supply of oil
  • Day of Infamy

    Day of Infamy
    Pearl Harbor on the island of Ohau is bombed by the Japanese. The US officials knew that the attack was coming but they did not know when, so they were semi prepared but not totally.
  • Japanese Victories

    Japanese Victories
    Japan marches into the philippine capital of Manila. This was a great victory for Japan since this was a large amount of islands near their home.
  • Japan conquers more land

    Japan conquers more land
    Japan reaches Singapore and within a month controlled this area and began to spread their power outwards to surrounding areas.
  • Japanese intercepted

    Japanese intercepted
    An Americans and Australian fleet intercepts a Japanese strike force on their way to conquer another land mass. This caused a small fight, ending with the Americans winning and destroying the small fleet.
  • Battle of Midway ends

    Battle of Midway ends
    This was a great turniong point for WWII. Thie turned the tables on Japan in the Pacific by causing them to lose control of land and to loose a great amount of troops.
  • Battle of Guadacanal

    Battle of Guadacanal
    The battle of Guadacanal ends on this day in time. After both sides losing a great amount of troops, the American and allied forces emerged victorious.