Japanese Immigration Laws

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  • Period: to

    when world war 2 started and ended

  • The Gentelman's Agreament

    The Gentleman's Agreement started on 1907 the United States and Japan agrees not to limit Japanese immigration in exchange for Japan's promise not to issue passports to Japanese workers for travel to United States exsept Hawaii. The Japanese workers are aloud to go to Hawaii, but aren't allowed by executive order to move from Hawaii to the continental US.
  • The Alien Registration Act

    The Alien Registration Act
    The Alien Registration Act needs the registration and fingerprinting of all Japanese and Korean in the United States over the age of 14. The act classifies Korean immigrants as subjects of Japan.
  • How it started

    How it started
    Japanese-Americans immigrated too US and settled on the Western Coast because it was close to Japan and that’s where the work was. When the attack of Pearl Harbor in 12/7/1941 brings the US into war and starts conflict with Japanese.That was when the incarceration camps were being built.
  • Order 9066

    Order 9066
    Executive Order 9066 made it legal for the US military to involuntarily relocate Japanese Americans from their homes to interment camps. This law took away the civil rights of the Japanese-Americans even though they were American citizens. When the Japanese Americans were put in camps they didn’t have much freedom of speech and they didn’t have much freedom to go where they wanted to go. The bathrooms weren’t very private; they had no doors or stalls. The Japanese Americans also couldn’t have a