Japanese imagration

  • 14th Amendment

    Japanese babies born in America are citizens
  • Alien Contract Labor Law

    Alien Contract Labor Law bars prohibited any company or individual from bringing foreigners into the United States under contract to perform labor here. The only exceptions are those who were brought to do domestic service and skilled workmen who should be needed here to help establish some new trade or industry. This affected the Japanese because it meant you had to work to become a citizen.
  • Expatriation Act

    This law says that the United States will not restrict any Japanese immigration in enchange for Japan's promise to not issue passports to Japanese laborers to go to the Continetial United States.
  • California's Alien Land Law

    California's Alien Land Law prohibits "aliens ineligible for citizenship" (Chinese and Japanese) from owning property in the state. It provides the model for Similar acts in other states.
  • Cable Act

    Cable Act partially repeals the Expatriation Act, but declares that an American woman who marries an Asian still loses her citizenship.
  • Exectuative Order

    Executive Order 9066 authorizes the military to evacuate 112,000 Japanese Americans from the Pacific coast and placed them in ten internment camps.