Japan and United States Relationships

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In History
  • Siding with U.S.

    Japan had sided with the U.S., Great Britain, and France during World War I.
  • Open Door Policy

    concept in foreign affairs
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacks Hawii on the morning of December 7. Took out U.S Navy battleships, and brought America into World War II.
  • Japan Surrenders

    U.S droped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, and that lead to Japan surrendering
  • Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan

    Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan
    President Harry Truman appointed General Douglas MacArthur as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan. After Japan surrendered
  • Treaty of San Francisco

    Peace treaty with Japan
  • Nixon's Speech

    Nixon made a speech at the Japan-American Society
  • Declaration on Security Alliance for the 21st Century

    to strengthen U.S.-Japan security alliance
  • Defense from North Korea

    U.S did reseach on creating missile defense system to protect Japan from North Korea's rising missile capability
  • Helping asian economies

    The United States and Japan give $10 billion financing and debt restructuring initiative for struggling Asian economies.
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