Japan 1931-1990 Humanities C/D

  • Japan took conrol over Manchuria

    Japan took conrol over Manchuria
    China had been weakened by civil war and Japan took control over Manchuria.
  • Period: to

    Important Events

  • War in the Pacific

    War in the Pacific
    Japanese bombers attacked America's military base at Pearl Harbor. The bombing led the Pacific War between Japan and the United States of America.
  • Japan Empire

    Japan Empire
    The Japanese won a lot of victories and their empire stretched from the Aleutian islands to the Solomon islands and from the Wake islands west to Burma.
  • The Atomic Bomb

    The Atomic Bomb
    The United States decided to end war by dropping the atomic bomb. They dropped their first atomic bomb in the city of Hiroshima. Several days later, they dropped another one in the city of Nagasaki.
  • Japan signs two treaties with the U.S

    Japan signs two treaties with the U.S
    The Japanese signed a peace treaty with most of the nations they fought and they also signed a security treaty that allowed the U.S to have military bases and troops in Japan.