Japan 1931-1990 Humanities AB Andrew Byun

  • A New Government

    A New Government
    The emperor Hirohito loses most of his power and those who support militarism take over instead of the civilians. Rules became strict and obedience towards authority became strict as well.
  • Period: to

    Japanese Important Events

  • Japan Takes over

    Japan Takes over
    In 1931, the Japanese took over Manchuria and also took over China, who was weakened by a civil war.
  • The Start of the Bomb

    The Start of the Bomb
    The US stopped exporting things to Japan because they were angr at their growing land. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a huge military base, in Hawaii wich caused greater conflict later on.
  • The First and Last Weapon

    The First and Last Weapon
    In 1945, the US was bombingJapan but the Japanese did not surrender. The angry US dropped two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing major deaths.
  • The Unexpected Friends

    The Unexpected Friends
    The American occupation ended with Japan after Japan signed various peace treaties with the warring nations. Soon, there were tensions between the Communists and the Westerner which caused Japan to form an alliance with the US.