Japan 1931-1945 (Jason and Miguel)

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    Jason and Miguel's timeline

  • Japan invaded Manchuria

    Japan invaded Manchuria
    They invaded for the abundance of resources and in return, the West scorned Japan.
  • Japan invades China

    Japan invades China
    Japan invaded China for the huge amounts of land and resources, to use to expand their empire.
  • Japan wants Southeast Asia

    They needed Southeast Asia's vast amounts of resources, but the US refused to evacuate.
  • Attack of pearl harbor

    Attack of pearl harbor
    Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, which is in Hawaii. The port was bombed because most of the US's Pacific Fleet was stationed there, and the Japanese needed to cripple the US's fleets. In return, US is forced into war with Japan.
  • Japan is at its strongest

    Japan is at its strongest
    By 1942, Japan was at its strongest. The Japanese had already taken over most of Southeast Asia. However, this is the year when they had the first major military defeats by the Allies.
  • Japan is bombed

    Japan is bombed
    US forced Japan to surrender by bombing them with nuclear weapons. Then, after the second bomb, the Japanese Emperor surrenders.