January 9, 1913

  • Nixon was born

    Yorba Linda, California. Lived on a lemon farm. He was the 2nd of five children. Parents: Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. His childhoof was hard because he always said "we are poor, but the glory of it is we didnt know"
  • Younger Brother died

    Happened early in Nixon's life. He died after a short illness.
  • Older brother died of tuberculosis

    When Nixon was 20 his older brother died who he admired greatly. He died of tuberculosis
  • Graduated Whittier college

    He ran for class president at Whittier High School but was out voted by a more popular person. Graduated 2nd in his class. Offered a scolarship to Harvard but his family couldnt afford it. He went to Whittier College
  • Offered a full scholarship to Duke University Law School

    In Durha, N.C.
  • Married Thelma Catherine Ryan

    Went back to Whittier and met her. She was a teacher there and an amateur actress. They were casted in the same play at a local community theatre and after that they got married and had two kids, Tricia and Julie.
  • job in Franklin Roosevelt's Office of Price Administration

    He was a small town laywer and it wasnt enough for him so him and his wife moved to Washington D.C. where he took a job in Frenklin Roosevelts Offica of Price Administration.
  • Resigned his commisson in the Navy

    He joined the Navy and served for 2 years and came back to the United States with two serivice stars and several commidations.
  • Runs for Congress

    A group of Whittier Republicans encouraged Nixon to run for Congress. He was up against five-term liberal Democratic Congressman Jerry Voorhis.
  • Ran for United States Senate

    Against Helen Gahagan Douglas
  • Republican Convention

    He won the nomination as vice president
  • Ran for President

    His opponet was Massachusetts senator JFK
  • Presidential campaign

    Historic in the use of television for advertisments, news interviews, and policy debate. There were four debates between Nixon and Kennedy. Nixon was just recovering from the flu and looked tired.He wore no make up on TV because he didnt want the audience to think he was trying to upstage Kennedys nice look.
  • Nixon loses

    Nixon lost the presidential election by 120,000 votes. Kennedy recieved 303 votes compared to Nixon's 219 votes.
  • Nixon goes home

    He returns home to his family in California and practiced law and wrote a book called "Six Crises"
  • Ran for Prsident

    He announced to the United States that his candidacy for President.
  • Unexpected Boost

    President Lydon Johnson announced he wasnt going to run for another term
  • Became President

    He beat Hurbert humphrey and George Wallace by 500,000 votes. 37th President of the United States
  • "New Federalism"

    Controlled desegregation. By the end of 1970 only 18% of black children in the South were going to an all black school. Which was 70% in 1968.
  • Reduced trade

    Nixon reduced trade with China and silenced ani-china voices with the White House
  • Resigned from office

    Vice President Gerald Ford became president.
  • Vietnam

    Vietnam war was Nixons downfall because it was the first war watched on televison and they watched civilians get killed. Also People thought the war would never end. 300 soldiers were dying each week when Nixon was president.
  • Pat Nixon died

    Nixons wife died of lung cancer
  • Nixon died

    10 months after his wife, Pat died he died of a massive stroke in New York City.