Jannette Rivera Week #3 Assignment #1 timeline

  • I was born

    I was born in New York City to a hispanic family
  • Period: to

    Childhood 1969 -1984

    My language development began.
  • Spoken Language

    I was 3 years old and spoke only Spanish.
  • First Time in School

    I began school, time to share, have friends and exposition to a new language, English.
  • New experiences

    The development of English as my first language, learned how to read, write and speak. Began doing book reports.
  • Great Experiences

    At nine years old i began to be part of clubs and have lots of friends, English being my language to communicate with friends and social environment.
  • First Best Friend

    At thirteen had my first best friend, she had spanish heritage just like me, Spanish at home and English at school, activities and social life.
  • Cultural Transition

    The year of cultural transition, we moved to Puerto Rico, my high school years were in the bilingual program in Papa Juan XXI High School. Began learning how to read, write and speak Spanish not letting go of my main language.
  • High School Graduation Time

    I graduated high school with great grades and humongous satisfaction that i knew two languages. Learned to master both languages.
  • Period: to

    Young adult 1986-1990

    I went through changes that helped me achieve higher competence in Englis and Spanish and become full bilingual.
  • College Graduation

    I went to college and did my bachelor's dergee in Education, 4th to 6th grade and a specialty in English. Passed my professional state test and got my license as a 4th to 6th grade teacher and English teacher, Elementary level. Began working in a private school, Private Christian Academy, bilingual school.
  • Challenges

    Continue working at Christian Private Academy and created a theater club that presented Shakespeare's plays for high school students. Learning a second language through art!!!!!! IT WAS FUN FOR ME AND MY STUDENTS.Spoke Spanish to my coworkers and English to my students.
  • Period: to


    My bilingula skills improved by being exposed to both languages, code switch
  • New School

    Went to work in Colegio Beato Carlos Manuel Rodriguez. English teacher for seniors, British Literature. Created a writting club, students had the opportunity to create stories and poetry that were presented in school activities. The students enjoyed it and i loved to see them master the language.
  • Department of Education

    Began working in the Department of Education in Van Scoy elementary school. It was a very small school but students were good and had the eager to learn English.
  • Master's Degree

    Finished my thesis, very proud of my work. Graduated from my master's in English, the best day of my life and proud of mastering in what i consider my first language.
  • Bilingual Certification

    Working at Dr. Hiram Gonzalez School Century XXI School. Began working in my bilingual certification. Proud of all the opportunities the Department of Education has given me. Each day i feel more prepared for the challenge of the bilingual program.
  • Sports

    I began playing sports in school and struggle with the Spanish at home. Now i understand that i code switch at a very young age.