Jamestown colony

  • the starting date they set sail to the new world

    The jamestown setlers set sail in 1606. the ships where the Discovery, the Susan Constant, and the godspeed.
  • christiopher newport

    In december 1606 the first virginians set sail to the new world. Christiopher newport was the capten of the first ship.They landed on April 26, 1607.
  • john smith

    john smith is the leader of the jamestown colony.christopher newport leaves for england to get more supplise.He was a worker and no won else new how to work.
  • the new world

    The jamestown colony began on may 14, 1607. The jamestown leader was john smith.
  • the first indian encounter

    Paspahegh Indians attack the colonists, killing two and wounding ten people.
  • John smith's captive

    He is positioned on the ground, with his head on a stone. Suddenly, Powhatan's daughter appears, throws herself on Smith, and positions her head above his. Powhatan relents, and allows Smith to go on his way
  • john smith's return to england

    He was injured in a gun powder explosion and was forced to return to england for medical perposes.
  • starving setes in

    september to may the starving time set in. the population went down to 60 from 500-600.
  • john rolfe and tabacoo

    They started growing Tobacco in 1612 but they did not get a final product that could be exported until 1617. Also John Rolfe tries a crop of tobacco to help save the Jamestown settlement.
  • john rolfe reterns to england

    john rolfe brings Pocahontas to london england in June 3 1616